Diversity & Inclusion

Selint Aviation Executive Search – Diversity & Inclusion

“Adding one more woman in a firm’s senior management or corporate board—while keeping the size of the board unchanged—is associated with an 8–13 basis point higher return on assets. (…) empowering women remains a common denominator and a global imperative for all those who care about fairness and diversity, but also, productivity and growth of societies and economies that are more inclusive. If we can achieve this, we all gain.”

Christine Lagarde, former managing director of the IMF.
“Empowering women is critical for the world’s economy and people.”

We are a boutique aviation executive search firm with a global focus, which specialises in senior management and executive talent. We stand out in the industry because we forge close relations with our clients and candidates, creating a bond that adds value to all members.

Selint´s foundation values are grounded on a diverse and inclusive policy which always considers candidates regardless of age, gender, disability, ethnicity, religion or sexual orientation.

We believe that a diverse and inclusive industry makes our society better and

Various studies show a connection between success and companies with
greater workplace diversity. This is clearly a factor that improves competitiveness and brings about better results.

Selint’s approach is threefold, we care about our communities, clients and

Being part of a “glocal” society we want to contribute to it by having a global footprint and awareness of local culture and peculiarities, at the same time. Selint serves its clients by relentlessly working to supply them with the best options for talent, while giving strategic advice to improve their employer branding. At Selint, candidates are guided and provided with opportunities for improvement in their professional careers.

Selint’s Commitment to Society

We believe that opportunities are the door to personal and professional success. As headhunters, we hold a unique position in talent management value-chain. Selint is committed to resorting to this privilege to make a difference in the communities where we operate.

Our aim is to make an impact on the aviation sector. Selint does not only seek the best talent, but also works to improve gender balance in order to open doors for the next generation of female leaders.

Selint’s Commitment to its Candidates

We believe in the importance of help women to gain more visibility within the aviation industry.

Candidates are invited “to sit at the table” with Selint, and have an open conversation about their profile and career aspirations.

Selint proactively offers candidates the opportunity to be part of a talent pipeline for future opportunities, taking into consideration both their professional and personal background while providing advice and guidance in preparing for their dream job.

Candidates are offered the possibility of holding conversations with our senior-level clients, in order to expand their network and be on their radar for future career opportunities.

Selint’s Commitment to its Clients

We believe in long-term partnerships, and in being an active part of our clients’ teams supporting them when making strategic decisions that involve people and talent.

Our thorough understanding of our clients’ business environment and dynamics allows us to anticipate needs and trends. Selint continuously analyses the market to spot top-level candidates so as to build a pipeline ready to be used when needed.

Our clients’ work environment and employer brand are the key to our success as partners in the talent acquisition battle.

We aid organisations to discover their diversity goals by transforming their projects into real people, benefits, social impact, by submitting candidates who will make a lasting contribution.

Selint Aviation Executive Search – Hypatia Project

“Supporting the industry to close the gender gap”. 

Hypatia has been designed by Selint International Aviation Executive Search to provide women and companies with a methodology created to support the industry´s efforts to close the gender gap.

The aviation sector is full of female talent striving to build a successful career and to bring a more diverse perspective to senior positions.

With this project, our objective is to work towards achieving gender balance in aviation enabling women to get past the glass ceiling. With the “Selint Aviation Executive Search – Hypatia Project”, Selint’s clients will encounter current female talent in the market by accessing Selint’s talent pipeline.

Our work as talent suppliers using a proven strategy to identify female talent at a global scale is based on our experience with some of the leading players in the industry.

At Selint, we believe that capturing talent is as important as retaining it. We have conceived Hypatia as a toolkit that provides our clients with an extensive talent map and access to top candidates.

Why the project is named Hypatia?

Hypatia of Alexandria (born c. 350–370; died 415 CE), was a female philosopher and mathematician, born in Alexandria, Egypt. She was the daughter of Theon, mathematician and one of the last philosophers in the post hellenistic period.

Theon refused to impose upon his daughter the traditional role assigned to women – centred on the domestic needs of the family – and raised Hypatia as one would have raised a son in the Greek tradition; by teaching her his own trade. Hypatia, then led a respected Academia of Philosophy in Alexandria; a position to which only males had been previously entitled.

Hypatia was widely known for her generosity, love of learning, and expertise in teaching Mathematics, Astronomy and Philosophy.

Selint has chosen the name of its project to honour this woman as Hypatia can clearly be regarded as an inspiration to follow in the industry. It is Selint’s belief that women can provide the sector with new value and that Selint’s task is to discover the hidden Hypatias that will lead the changes in aviation in years to come.