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1. Types of processed data I Links to other web pages
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2. Collection and use of information
To improve this system in terms of system performance and ease of use, as well as to provide useful information about our products and services, we automatically collect and store information in your computer’s log files. This includes your IP address, browser type, selected language, operating system, internet service provider and date / time. This information is used globally to improve the management of this site, analyze trends and collect demographic information about our users. The information collected can be used by our marketing, advertising and communication services (for example, to optimize and improve the user experience, present special offers and more attractive services).

3. Use of cookies
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What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small file, usually formed by letters and numbers, sent by the server of our website to the cookie file of your browser. This allows our website to remember your presence when establishing a new connection between our server and your browser. The main purpose of a cookie is to allow our server to present personalized web pages that can convert the visit to the SELINT INTERNATIONAL website in an individual experience and adjusted to personal preferences.

What kind of cookies does this site use?

SELINT INTERNATIONAL uses two types of cookies on this site:
– Session Cookies: these are temporary cookies that remain in the cookie file of your browser while you are on our website. These cookies are necessary for certain applications or functions and allow this site to work properly.

– Persistent cookies: favor the user experience (for example, offering a personalized navigation). These cookies remain in your browser for a longer period of time. This period depends on the settings that you have entered in your browser. Persistent cookies allow information to be transferred to the server of this site each time you visit it. They are also known as tracking cookies.
You will find many online publications about cookies.

4. Third party cookies
To display advertising and track our marketing communications, SELINT INTERNATIONAL may use third-party media. They use cookies to measure the effectiveness of the ads and personalize their content. The information that can be collected by third parties can include data such as geographical location (through the IP address), contact data or, only if it is entered through this Site, the email address.

5. Enabling and disabling cookies and similar resources
The user of the site has the possibility to accept or reject cookies by modifying the options of his browser.
For example:

Google Chrome

In the configuration menu select ‘show advanced settings’ at the bottom of the page
Select the ‘content configuration’ key in the privacy section
The section at the top of the page that appears gives you information about cookies and allows you to set the cookies you want. It also allows you to delete any cookie that you have stored at that moment.

Mozilla Firefox

In the tool menu select ‘options’
Select the privacy tag in the options box
From the pull-down menu choose ‘use custom settings for the history’. This will show the options of cookies and you can choose to activate or deactivate them by checking the corresponding box.

Internet Explorer

In the tools menu select ‘Internet Options’ Click on the privacy tab
You will see a scroll cursor to configure privacy that has six positions that allow you to control the number of cookies that will be installed: block all cookies, high, medium high, medium (default level), low and accept all cookies.


In the configuration menu select the option ‘preferences’ Open the privacy tab
Select the option you want from the ‘block cookies’ section
Remember that certain functions and the full functionality of this site may not be available after disabling cookies.