Why Selint?

Selint International – Aviation Executive Search, is the boutique headhunter for the world’s top airlines.

Lead by Marcela Real, with 20 years of experience in Human Resources including management positions as Head of HR at Iberia Express (Airlines) and Recruitment and Development Manager at Kimberly Clark (FMCG).

Commitment to excellence

Our strategic business vision, deep knowledge of the industry, an extensive network of international contacts and a robust team of consultants allows us to offer excellence in both quality and delivery times.

We base our success on the personalized monitoring of each process, which allows us to adjust the profile to the requirements of the company in real time.

What make us different from the competitors

At Selint we offer the possibility of working with a “turnkey methodology” delivering short-lists of candidates, exhaustively detailing their soft and hard skills, as well as cultural fit, and ensuring that the candidates circulated in the final phase fit with the customer needs.

Our methodology focuses on not wasting customer time, We invest our resources in shortlisting candidates through a thorough and proper review.

With this objective SELINT supports both the client and the candidate by assuring the alignment between the fixed budget for the client and the prospective salary of the candidate.

The overall objective is to avoid a significant loss of time and energy for both the client and the candidates.


Selint International offers a recruitment service that can be customized to the clients’ needs:

• Executive Search & Professional Search with the “turnkey methodology”.
• Supporting the client in the job profile description and in the subsequent arrangements thereafter, having differentiated between the various profiles available in the market.
• Sending to the stakeholders the Curriculum Vitae that have technical compatibility with the position
• Curriculum Vitae screening
• Verification of references
• Interview (identification and assessment of candidates that fit the profile)
• Customized market and salary studies
• Support and advice to the candidate by our team of prosecutors and lawyers specialized in foreign affairs
• Ensuring the alignment between the client and candidate is maintained, if during the process some changes arise.
• Arranging interviews and providing support in the negotiation process